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'80s Everett: Hewitt and the Silvertips

In 1988 Barb Lamoureux started selling real estate. Thirty years later we’re celebrating Barb's legacy in Everett by heading back to the beginning to remember what Everett was like in the 1980s. Our next stop: Hewitt Avenue.

Hewitt Avenue has a rich history as one of the main throughways in the core of downtown Everett. It used to lead from the docks on the bay side of town to the heart of the Riverside District. It still runs the same route, but the city has changed.

Hewitt Avenue was dirt, then it was “paved” with creosote-soaked logs, then cobblestones. Trolly lines ran the length of the street and strings of electric lights criss-crossed the walkways, illuminating night time revelers or millworkers getting off of their shifts.


Popular venues on Hewitt throughout the years have been the Sports Center Tavern and the Anchor Tavern (now Anchor Pub, still at the West end of Hewitt). The Gull’s Nest, located upstairs at 1705 Hewitt, served from the mid 1950s to early 1960s as a youth club for Everett High School students. 

The school held sock hops for teens there.

By the 1980s, when Lamoureux Real Estate began, Hewitt Avenue was in a pretty bad place. In the late 1970s, the lumber and shingle mills that had sustained Everett for almost a century had mostly closed. 

Department stores and small shops downtown followed suit, despite efforts from city council to improve infrastructure and promote business interests.

During this period, retail from the the downtown core, including Hewitt Avenue, began to migrate to South Everett thanks to the recently opened Everett Mall. 

From the 1980s on, what Hewitt needed (as many locals said) was more development and investment.

The answer came in the form of the Everett Events Center in 2003. The 10,000-seat arena on the corner of Hewitt and Broadway brought an economic boom to downtown Everett. 


Sports fans and events-goers filled up restaurants and bars on weeknights and weekends. 

The Everett Silvertips Hockey Club began playing at the Events Center in 2003. For their first season the Tips were led by former NHL coach Kevin Constantine to win the WHL Western Conference Championship.

The Events Center has since changed its name a few times. It’s been Comcast Arena, Xfinity Arena and now it’s the Angel of the Winds Arena. It remains a popular venue for music shows, ice skating events, circuses and conventions.

Lamoureux Real Estate has sponsored the Silvertips from the beginning, and will be sponsoring them during the coming hockey season of 2018-2019. 

Hewitt’s continues to transform as new businesses move in. Things are looking up for Everett’s main street. 

Many things have changed over the last few decades in Everett, but some things remain the same, like Lamoureux Real Estates dedication to serving the Everett communities real estate needs. Cheers to Barb Lamoureux on 30 years!

That’s it for this month’s '80s Everett!
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