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Five Fall Delights To Look Forward To


Everett is starting to turn into a kaleidoscope of fall colors. Leaves turning and crunching underfoot, crisp, cold nights and overcast days.

That means all of our favorite fall things are here to enjoy.

Grab your favorite scarf and get cozy with these five fall things we love.

Narrative Coffee’s The Lil Punkin’
There’s pumpkin spice latte’ and there’s Narrative’s Lil Punkin’. Made with pumpkin syrup from scratch and garnished with cinnamon, wandering the streets of downtown Everett bundled up sipping the Lil Punkin’ is an absolute treat.

Speaking of bundling up, if you’re in the market for a new scarf, we recommend….

Scarves from Whiskey Knits
Whiskey Knits offers handmade scarves and knit hats made locally in Everett. We own a Whiskey Knits hat and believe us—these hats are warm and soft. If you’re looking for that perfect fall accessory, don’t forget about Whiskey Knits.

Ivar’s Chowder Bread Bowl
No matter which team you root for, there’s just something about watching football and eating a chowder bread bowl from Ivars. Whether in the stands or sitting at home on your favorite recliner, chowing down on chowder in a bowl that you can later eat is possibly the most fall you can get. Pro tip: The Everett Ivar’s on 41st bake their own bread daily for maximum bread bowl tastiness.

Pumpkin Picking & Corn Mazes at Stocker Farms
So you’ve got your coffee and your warm scarf… now we need a place to go enjoy the crispness of fall. No place better than Stocker Farms in Snohomish. Besides pumpkin picking, we like wandering their corn maze in the daytime and sipping on some hot apple cider from the Big Red Barn. For those more adventurous, Stocker Farms offers haunted corn maze treks, too.


Pecan Bars from Choux Choux Bakery
Only around for the fall and winter, the pecan bars from Choux Choux are a fancy fall treat. Gooey, packed with pecans and ready to be enjoyed on a fall morning (or afternoon or evening).

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