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Four Fun Things: Football Party Finds

Four Fun Things: Football Party Finds

November is prime season to park yourself in front of the television with some friends and have a good old-fashioned football party.

If you’re hosting a pigskin party or you’re invited to one, forgo the Easy Cheese and cocktail weenies and instead treat yourself to some high-end snackage.

Here’s four of our favorite football snacks to bring a touch of class to the function.

Sno-Isle Food Co-Op Sandwiches

The co-op’s deli is packed with delicious takeaway goodies for lunch, but they also cater. And you can get a whole box of sandwiches to take to the party. We really enjoy the Hewitt, but check out their full deli menu to create your own sandwich spread.

Toggle’s Bottle Shop Beer & Cider
Put down that case of Natty Light and head to Toggle’s if you’re bringing the beer. With over 700 different kinds of beer and cider, Toggle’s has something for everyone. Grab a growler of brew from over 20 taps or mix and match your own six pack from the cooler.

Lombardi’s Italian Restaurant Antipasti

Every football party needs at least cheese, and Lombardi’s pairs their cheese with calamata olives and cured Italian meats for a antipasti that’s a cut above something you’ll find at the grocery store. They also offer other plates as well in their full menu.

Sol Food Vegetarian Menu
For the plant-based people in the house, Sol Food’s catering menu will take care of you. Order up a portion of their Chili Rellano or maybe grab a couple Sol Impossible, Sol Food’s spin on the new Impossible Burger, so you’re not stuck picking at a wilting veggie platter.

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